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What we do


Corporate Sourcing. HDT provides project management, custom/contract manufacturing and sourcing services to clients.


To provide product sourcing, custom manufacturing, and project management solutions that save time, minimise risk and are cost effective.


Companies looking to efficiently outsource their custom manufacturing, industrial equipment sourcing, product or commodity sourcing come to us for cost-effective time-saving low-risk solutions.
After analysing product specifications and timeframe for delivery (i.e. basic requirements of a project), we assign a project manager who will diligently work to investigate and interview potential suppliers in order to determine if they meet the specified requirements.
A handful of potential suppliers are selected from which we request, and evaluate, proposals for the requested product.

Once a supplier is selected, we coordinate all activities related to the procurement of the product, from intent to purchase up to delivery, communicating with the supplier and controlling processes before and during production. Finally, we perform pre-shipment inspections to help guarantee quality and project compliance.
By outsourcing the management of procurement projects to a company specialised in this area, with controls and processes developed to this end, and sourcing from a network of qualified partners, our customers save time, minimize risk, lower costs.


to find appropriate providers, resulting in a faster arrival of the product to market.


working with HDT your company will save cost.


working with HDT your company will have lower risk

Our Business

We concentrate around the axis China - South America (specially Brazil and Argentina). China as a center offering products and industrial equipment, and demanding natural resources commodities; South America as a center demanding products and industrial equipment, and offering natural resources commodities).

By streamlining the project management process and sourcing from qualified partners in China and Latin America, we deliver lower costs, lower risks and accelerate time-to-market solutions for our customers. We achieve success when our customers’ goods are shipped in conformity to the project.

Our history

The company was founded in China in 2005 by two young brothers who have instilled in it a vibrant spirit of initiative and integrity. Today, HDT has

offices in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Brazil and Argentina, representing a solid network of suppliers and customers in those countries.

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